Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I host adult content on Sunkat Video Hosting?
    Yes! Sunkat Video Hosting has been specifically designed to serve the adult market.
  • Do you show adverts on my videos?
    No, never. And you'll never see anyone else's videos "recommended" when yours ends.
  • How do I upload videos?


    Just head to your Dashboard and hit Upload new videos - that'll take you to our uploader.

    In the uploader, you can add videos to your upload queue from your device. When you're ready, hit Start Uploading and go and get a nice cuppa...

    Remember, video files can be pretty big, so they'll take a while to upload.

    Once your video has uploaded to our server, we'll need to optimise it and send it to our Content Delivery Network for the best possible performance. There will be a delay before your video shows up in your My Videos page.
  • Do I need a web site to use Sunkat Video Hosting?

    No! Sunkat Video Hosting works just great whether you have your own web site or not!

    If you're looking for a website, we do that too!
  • What video formats can I upload?

    We support a broad range for formats, including most AVI, MOV and MP4 formats. More information is available in the help panel in the uploader

    We do not support animated GIFs - they're not actual videos!
  • What are free videos and how do I use them?

    Depending on the plan you've chosen, you may have a number of free videos.

    Setting a video to free means that other people can watch it without paying.

    Use this if you want to embed it publicly or if you've got a member site, or if you're just feeling generous!
  • What is Over Use?

    Over use or Overages happpen when you upload more videos than your plan's capacity.

    Instead of just stopping, we let you use more - just like your bank's overdraft facility...
    ... of course, just like your bank, we'll charge you at the rate listed on your plan.
    You can check your account's usage on your My Videos page to keep things in check.
  • How do I create a video store to embed on my web site?

    Head to your Account & Settings page and click Store & Settings.

    You'll find your store's embed code - just copy and paste it into your web site.
  • How do I embed a video on my web site?

    Head to your My Videos page and click the video you want to embed.

    You'll see an Embed Code button - click it and you'll get the emebd code for that video.

    If your video requires payment, you'll get a thumbnail and a link to your store page for that video instead of an embedded player.
  • Why can't I set the price for my video lower?

    The absolute minimum price for a video (unless it's free) is £1.01. This is due to how our payment provider operates.

    Aside from this, we have a minimum price per minute too.
  • How does Sunkat Video Hosting integrate with my Original Kink web site?

    You should find a Video Hosting icon in Settings. Click that and turn things on and you're good to go!

    You can now add a link to the My Videos page (you'll find it in the Site Features folder) as well as to individual videos

    You can also embed your videos in PageBuilder pages by choosing a Page Embed block and selecting the video from the Site Features folder.

Got a question we didn't cover? Ask us!